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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Top 10 Games Workshop Christmas Gifts Under $150

Christmas Day is quickly approaching and Bad Donkey Gaming wants to help you make your holiday shopping for that Games Workshop enthusiast as easy as possible. Here is our top 10 gift ideas under $150...

#10: Imperial Strong Point 
- The Imperial Strongpoint is a great value purchase for those looking to expand their scenery collection or start a new one. The gamer on your list can never have enough terrain and at $90 a great buy.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Imperium's March

Necron Army List Idea...

You shall not pass!!!

C'Tan Shards - 235
*Writhing Worldscape

Orikan the Diviner - 165

Royal Court
Necron Lord - 80
*Resurrection Orb
*Mindshackle Scarabs
Cryptek - Harbinger of Transmogrification - 30
Cryptek - Harbinger of Transmogrification - 30

Necron Warriors x20 - 260
Necron Warriors x20 - 260

Necron Immortals x10 - 170
Necron Immortals x10 - 170
Necron Immortals x10 - 170

Necron Destroyers x2 - 140
*Heavy Destroyer x1
Necron Destroyers x2 - 140
*Heavy Destroyer x1

Total 1850

This army list design is set up to make it near impossible for the enemy to move without it hurting or slowing them down. Which hopefully gives you the time need to gun them all down.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day

It is Veterans Day a day to honor the brave men and women of our military.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

AdeptiCon News... SOLD OUT!!!

Wow, that is insane, tickets for perhaps the biggest 40k event went on sale early this week and are already sold out. So the 40k championship and the team tournament spots are filled. Still many fun events left in things other then 40k. But for the most part the big draws are booked.

Bad Donkey Gaming was lucky enough to grab some of the few spots in the big event, so for those who can't make it or didn't get in Bad Donkey Gaming will have you covered with updates and photos.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Space Marine Exterminatus Release Date Oct 25th

The Exterminatus Co-op mode will be available to download for free on 25th October on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. This mode will add four-player co-operative game play to the game’s existing multiplayer modes. All loadouts, perks and customization from multiplayer will be available to use in Exterminatus and players will be able to earn experience towards multiplayer progression in this mode. Exterminatus will be available for free to all Space Marine owners.

Happy Columbus Day

A non-holiday for some but thankfully I get the day off.  This is a great holiday to get in that painting you've been putting off for that last couple weeks. As all ways I encourage you to learn about your history and spend a few minutes and learn about Columbus Day.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bad Donkey Gaming is now over 10k in views

Our little 40k blog is growing, was checking out the stats and we're starting to pick up some stream with the number of views. Our YouTube channel is also growing quickly as well. 

'Ard Boyz Semi-Final Locations

For those who qualified for 'Ard Boyz the next step on the your quest to determine who the biggest and the meanest is... 'Ard Boyz Semi-Final... choose your location wisely as now your going up against some finely tuned lists with experienced generals commanding them.

'Ard Boyz Semi-Final Locations

For those who are curious I did not qualify the dice goods didn't favor me, but that's ok I got to visit a vary nice store down in Centerville, OH Epic Loot (more to come on that). Senger and his Grey Knights did move on to round 2 so he needs to now determine where he is going to lay the smack down at.

Dark Future Part II: Our Brothers

Dark Future Part I: Our Universe

Nice Daemon Conversion

I been building a Chaos Space Marine army here lately one I plan on taking a great deal of time painting and converting. It is going to be a Black Legion army. As you can imagine the problem with making a black legion army is well they are all black, so what could I do to make the army pop when its on its display board for tournaments.... This is what I found on GW website today...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Oh... and this Bad Boy is floating around the internet...

... so you better watch out!

Forge World - Realm of Battle Strongpoint

As someone who owns the Realm of Battle set, this is something that I have been waiting for some time. This is way cool and I look forward to adding it to my table. I might also use if for my display board at AdeptiCon. I really like how if fits seamlessly into the existing hill side of the Realm of Battle set.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

40k Number Theory: Excel Spread Sheet

Been working on my version of the 40k Number Theory...

I did make a tweak to Bringer of Victory. His original design had 4 categories, with limitations of measurement when it came to the strength and weakness a unit has when assaulting vehicles.

For my version continue reading...

Friday, July 29, 2011

'Ard Boyz Scenarios

The 'Ard Boyz scenarios are out and they look pretty interesting check them out...

'Ard Boyz Scenarios

Thursday, July 28, 2011

40k Theory: It's All About The Numbers


As a math major I really like the idea of using math to bring value to something one would normal say is subjective.

A great read and something I plan to feature here on Bad Donkey Gaming.

Thanks again to Bringer of Victory for coming up with the great idea.

Intervening models & cover save

This little question came up in our gaming group. We had a unit of gargoyles in front of a unit of flying warriors who had been modeled flying up in the air, and behind the warriors we had a flying hive tyrant. So I just would like to highlight a few rules that helped us clear up the question of who should get a save and who shouldn't.

Rule Book Pg 21
If a target is partially hidden from the fire's view by other models, it receives a 4+ cover in the same way as if it was behind terrain.


RB.22A.01 – Q: How exactly does a player determine if they are firing “through” area terrain or an intervening unit as opposed to firing “over” it?
A: When drawing line of sight past an intervening unit or area terrain draw an imaginary line from the tallest points of the two models/terrain elements that are being fired „through‟. If no portion of the target model‟s body (head,
torso, arms, legs) is within this imaginary area then LOS is considered to pass over the intervening unit/area terrain and the target is considered to not be “in cover” [clarification].
Remember that purposely converting your models to gain an in-game advantage is not allowed.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Armor Customizer for Space Marine

'Ard Boyz Locations

Locations are up for this years 'Ard Boyz Preliminaries... Highlights of our "local" options.

'Ard Boyz Locations

Ohio 'Ard Boyz Locations
Epic Loot 937-684-2501
Comic Shop Plus 740-344-5471
The Hero Zone 419-621-0282
Yottaquest 513-923-1985
Fantastic Games 330-482-9161
Ravenstone Games 614-844-6463
Krystal Keep 937-299-2809
Bookery Fantasy 937-879-3940
The Game Haven 937-237-7474
Warzone Matrix 216-433-1316
Auto Master Automotive 330-327-4341
Art of War Gaming & Miniatures 513-207-3325
Wings, Wheels, & Waves 330-830-7755
JAC Games 330-475-7468

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Warhammer 40k Baseball

Blood Ball
Imperial Heroes vs Enemies All-Star Game

In the spirit of today MLB All-Star game, Bad Donkey Gaming is facing off the Heroes and Enemies of the Imperium in a little baseball game. The Heroes with their power hitting and great defense vs the Enemies with their power pitching and versatility.

Who will win the day?

Check out the rosters...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Watching Paint Dry - Ork Buggy Conversion

The folks over at Watching Paint Dry, have taken a liking to my little buggy conversion and have made a sped tutorial that is very nicely produced.

Check it out plus all the other great stuff over there.

Abaddon Reborn

Just a simple conversion using the Chaos Lord in Terminator Armor combined with the new finecast Abaddon.

As you can tell from picture number two the finecast is subject to a bit of bending... I held it straight with a bit of pressure for about a minute now it seems to be holding straight. All and all big fan of the new finecast level of detail, was never a big fan of the Abaddon model since he was a bit smaller then his new Chaos Terminator counter parts. So it was only logical since I had a Chaos Lord laying around after purchasing one for by Belial conversion, that I make myself a fancy Abaddon. I was going to put the finecast trophy racks on him but their base too thick to fit between the shoulder pad and armor. So I decided on a cleaner look.

Planned list: Black Legion List

Saturday, July 9, 2011

'Ard Boyz Rules

Time to familiarize yourself with the rules to this years 'Ard Boyz Tournament:

'Ard Boyz Rules

Why buy GW washes when you can bargain shop???

Badab Black and Devlan Mud are two of my favorite washes, but I tired of buying GW's tiny bottle of wash. So I started to explore other options and I discovered a great bargain.

Sargent Art® Watercolor Magic comes in 21 colors washes the bottles come in a wide variety of sizes, I used to pick mine up from Hobby Lobby, but they stopped carrying it. So I bought up all their remaining stock. Hopefully my stockpile will last until I can find another place to pick up this great product.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Bad Donkey Gaming is PUMPED for the release of...


This bad boy has some pretty sweet rules: found here. The idea of a promising pair of this with the Forgeworld Dreadnought drop pod is very very tempting.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Deffkopta to Buggy!

A simple and easily repeatable conversion to turn your Deffkopta into a Rokkit Buggy.

Terrain Project

I guess every good gaming group has one, the guy responsible for making the terrain. In my group that job is mine. I've built a lot of terrain for our personal use. The old terrain, broken and hand me downs have made it to our local gaming store the Dueling Ground. So in desperate need of a terrain upgrade, I made that my project for the weekend. I busted out a bunch of new hills and painted to match the green table felt. Here are some snap shots from the project.

More 6th Edition Rumors

I was reading more early 6th edition rumors, trying to get my head around the new "to hit chart" was tricky... I let you read it so you can get the idea:

To Hit chart:
it is the same chart as the wound chart, but with seven columns from 0 till 6
(evasion value in brackets, abbreviates for small chart)

buildings (0)
stationary vehicles, MC, bikes (1)
stationary infantry, jet pack infantry, jump infantry, beasts // moving vehicles, monstrous creatures (2)
short distance // moving infantry, jet pack infantry (3)
moving bikes, jump infantry, beasts // swarms // flat out vehicles (4)
flat out bikes (5)
flyers, beacons (some narrative missions use beacons) (6)

BS 1-10

every column is: …. 6+ 6+ 6+ 5+ 4+ 3+ 2+ 2+ 2+ …. but is shifted up or down
I give you the BS value for every column that hits on 3+: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

So I just went ahead and made the chart... now we can all hit the panic button... lol.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Very Early 6th Ed Rumors... Take with a Grain of Salt...

The follow rumors are from Warseer via Blood of Kittens Forum... (Not Blood of Kittens directly) However Blood of Kittens quote relating to these rumors is... "I can tell you that some of your source information is correct, what is and what is not I cannot go into right now sadly, but definitely have some good leads that is for sure! Keep it up!"

- - - - - - Begin Rumor Transmission - - - - - -

China is CRAZY about 40k

The people sure do like their 40k.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Blood of Kittens is on Sisters of Battle Overdrive...

I'm actually really looking forward to what the  Sisters of Battle Codex. I am strongly considering building an army. But that largely will depend on the models and rules. I have always liked the fluff behind the army, it's just when you sat down with army builder and tried to work out a fun and effective list, it was either extremely boring   (repeated unit types) or extremely expensive (damn metal models).

1. So for me army HAS to be in plastic... if the basic battle sisters are metal still or even the new fine cast, I'm done.

2. There has to be SOMETHING different about Sisters, that something is/was "faith points and acts of faith"... before the rules were difficult to remember (is this one that you roll above model count or below). So cleaning that up will be an improvement.

Which brings me back to my title of the post... if you haven't checked out Blood of Kittens yet you really should. The guy was darn near spot on for the Grey Knight Codex.

- - - - - - - - - The Following Rumor Transmission Brought to you by Blood of Kittens - - - - - - - - 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some More Thoughts On Grey Knights

Sorry for the long delay between articles again, I really need to get on this. But I've been getting alot of gaming in with my Grey Knights if you've been keeping up with our youtube channel. There are some things that I've picked up on through all these games and I'd like to point out with the units that I use.
1. Grey Knights vs. deamons = deamons pawned. The one game I played against deamons was a fate-crusher list. Any other time I'd not be in to good a mood to play against that list, but with knights I used 3 units to kill the entire army. Grey Knights own deamons if you do not agree, then you have not seen, so check out our youtube channel.
2. Paladins + Lord Draigo + Xenos Inquisitor = totally worth the points. Armed with 2 incinerators, halberds, the pleathora of grenades and Draigo catching melta and lascannons once out of the crusaders is awesome. They take a lot of fire power to put down and in assault its almost not even fair. Pitch in the plasma syphon for good measure and its almost obnoxcious.
3. Warp Quake = Amazing. Talk about fun warp quake keeps deep strikers away. In a dawn of war game you can auto win against drop lists if you go first.leaving them 9 inches to deep strike on the short edges. good luck with that.
4. Dreadnaught is nearly a must have. -4 on psy checks is just awesome, even at leadership 10, you're on a 6.
5. You don't have to get overly fancy to win and so far I've found even being outnumbered 5-1 you can still win. Never outgunned by anyone and knights carry big sticks.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

Grey Knights are as Hard as Nails!

Its been a while since I've written a good article I know, but hey you can only do so much when you are writing term papers and studying anatomy while trying to figure out who is schizophrenic and who has disociative identity disorder. Yeah that's right man I love being back in school. lol

Anyway I've just completed a term paper and thought I would take some time to tell you all a few things about the new Grey Knight book. First and foremost, Grey Knights are rough and tough, I'm coming off my first tournament with them, yes I know I should have been studying but everyone needs a break. So I took a trip up I-75 and gave them their first action on the scene. With a list that was hardly optimised and mostly just taking what I have through a little finess and a lot of grit I pulled out a first place standing going 3 and 0.

So here is the list I took:

Random Pictures from AdeptiCon

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