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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Warhammer 40k Baseball

Blood Ball
Imperial Heroes vs Enemies All-Star Game

In the spirit of today MLB All-Star game, Bad Donkey Gaming is facing off the Heroes and Enemies of the Imperium in a little baseball game. The Heroes with their power hitting and great defense vs the Enemies with their power pitching and versatility.

Who will win the day?

Check out the rosters...

Imperial Heroes Starting Lineup
1. - CF - Kayvaan Shrike
~ Great speed, threat to steal any base, solid contact hitter and covers a great deal of ground defensively.
2. - 2B - Guardsmen Sly Marbo
~ Great defensively, above average speed, and executes hit and run and the sacrifice bunt flawlessly.
3. - C - Marneus Calgar
~ Calls a great game from behind that plate, great contact hitter, and hits for power.
4. - 1B - Captain Lysander
~ Power hitter, great defense, weak arm.
5. - LF - Logan Grimnar
~ Great situational hitter, can hit for power or average.
6. - SS - Commander Dante
~ Great speed, always in proper position defensively, decent power, and great arm
7. - RF - Pedro Kantor
~ Power hitter and great arm.
8. - 3B - Lord Kaldor Draigo
~ Situational power hitter and great defense on the chaotic hot corner.
9. - P - Njal Stormcaller
~ Commands a variety of pitches and can handle the storm of pitching in the big game.

P - Vindicare Assassin
~ Lethal Fastball and pin point accuracy.
P - Gunnery Sergeant Harker
~ Peppers the strike zone with his fastball.
P - Sergeant Tilion
~ Sneaky with his pitches and pin point accuracy
Inf - Celesitne the Living Saint
~ Great speed and range defensively, surprising power, and a scrapper never gives up on a play.
Inf - High Marshal Helbrecht
~ Every team needs a representative
OF - Master Sammael
~ Can turn a double into a triple with his burst of great speed and a cannon for an arm.
OF - Ragnar Blackmane
~ Chews up the baseball hitting for a high average.

Enemies of the Imperium Starting Lineup
1. - SS -Lelith Hesperax
~ Terror on the base paths and hits for a high average
2. - CF - Kharn the Betrayer
~Hits for high average, but does have a tendency to be streaky, and poor attitude toward teammates at times.
3. - 3B - Abaddon the Despoiler
~ Commands power to all fields, hits of average and power, and above average defense.
4. - 1B - C'tan Nightbringer
~ Huge power hitter, however slow on the base paths.
5. -  C - Ghazghkull Thraka
~ Huge power hitter as well, slower yet on base paths, and a weak arm.
6. - RF - Lucius the Eternal
~ Good speed and average.
7. - LF - Skulltaker
~ Power and average, however weak arm requires hiding in LF.
8. - 2B - Eldrad Ulthran
~ Great defensively, and surprisingly good offensively.
9. - P - Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra
~ Extreme accuracy with his power pitches, fearless on the mound.

P - Ahriman
~ Commands variety of pitches
P - Commander Farsight
~ Accurate rifle of an arm.
P - Phoenix Lord Fuegan
~ Great fastball, knows how to bring the heat.
Inf. - Old One Eye
~ Power hitter, liability in the field
Inf. - Typus
~ Decent power and average, good defensively.
OF - Huron Blackheart
~ Power and average, throws smoke from the outfield to home plate.
OF - Phoenix Lord Baharroth
~ Hits for average, great speed and good arm.

Did someone you like get snub from the team? Comment below...

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