The project, the reason, this small blog hasn't disappeared.

Every once and a while I have a need our reason to revisit, my deffkopta to buggy conversion. Its probably the 40k conversion I'm most proud of because of its simplicity to reproduce and replicate. With the newest Ork codex and Orks finially getting a plastic deffkopta box set, I just had to revisit my favorite conversiton. I also wanted to preserve the tutorial, so I've pinned it to the top of the blog page for safe keeping. Looking at the tutorial has inspired me to convert some deffkopta into 4 wheeler bikes (since buggies are now legends units). So concludes the posts for 2021... see you again in a few years, when something once again inspires me to look back at my deffkopta to buggy conversion tutorial. Waaagh as always John


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