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Friday, July 22, 2011

'Ard Boyz Locations

Locations are up for this years 'Ard Boyz Preliminaries... Highlights of our "local" options.

'Ard Boyz Locations

Ohio 'Ard Boyz Locations
Epic Loot 937-684-2501
Comic Shop Plus 740-344-5471
The Hero Zone 419-621-0282
Yottaquest 513-923-1985
Fantastic Games 330-482-9161
Ravenstone Games 614-844-6463
Krystal Keep 937-299-2809
Bookery Fantasy 937-879-3940
The Game Haven 937-237-7474
Warzone Matrix 216-433-1316
Auto Master Automotive 330-327-4341
Art of War Gaming & Miniatures 513-207-3325
Wings, Wheels, & Waves 330-830-7755
JAC Games 330-475-7468

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