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Monday, May 2, 2011

Grey Knights are as Hard as Nails!

Its been a while since I've written a good article I know, but hey you can only do so much when you are writing term papers and studying anatomy while trying to figure out who is schizophrenic and who has disociative identity disorder. Yeah that's right man I love being back in school. lol

Anyway I've just completed a term paper and thought I would take some time to tell you all a few things about the new Grey Knight book. First and foremost, Grey Knights are rough and tough, I'm coming off my first tournament with them, yes I know I should have been studying but everyone needs a break. So I took a trip up I-75 and gave them their first action on the scene. With a list that was hardly optimised and mostly just taking what I have through a little finess and a lot of grit I pulled out a first place standing going 3 and 0.

So here is the list I took:


Kaldor Draigo

Ordos Xenos Inquisitor: rad greanades, psychotroke grenades, plasma pistol


Paladins: 6 men strong, master crafted halberds x 4, mc daemonhammer, mc force sword incinorators x 2

Grey Knight SS: halberds x 8, psycannon x 2

Grey Knight SS: halberds x 3, force sword x 5, psycannon x 2, rino

Fast Attack:

Storm Raven: Assault cannon & multi-melta

Heavy support:

Land Raider Crusader: Mutli-melta

Dreadnaught: assault cannon

Never Outgunned:

Let me say first that this is only 31 models and is always outnumbered, but the question is was I outgunned and I have to say that no I wasn't but for one game. The Land Raider really backs up the fact that you can bring a ton of fire power. The other big thing is that you can not count out the storm bolter or the psycannon, both throw down a lot of fire power. However, the unassuming weapon here is the incinerator, this gun is just nasty and with two of them the paladins were almost as nasty shooting as they were in assault. S6 is absolutely huge and it burned out more than its share of marines.

Scottish accent on

"Where you going?"

"I'm going to pick a fight."

For those of you who think grey knights are more of a mid range shooting army and not an assault army,BOLS i'm looking at you guys, You are wrong, armed with halberds, knights are just about the baddest thing on the street. Couple that with hammerhand and you have one really mean unit. My Knights in shining armor, out assaulted two space wolf armies and one ork army. The halberds just make it a mess for regular marines to fight them in hand to hand combat. The Orks were not real fond of the hammerhand power and one little nasty treat from the inquisitor. Rad grenades and psychotroke grenades are just nasty, With one assault against the orks I made all but two of them fight themselve in a combat. Against the wolves I kept rolling reroll misses in hth. That just makes it nasty. Considering that the inquisitor was running around with the paladins and draigo it was just mean.

What about resilience?

Yeah I have to say that in every game I never had much left but they never went down easy. Using transports really ups the survivability of these guys. For those of you out there who want to use the storm raven if you're going to take it always keep it in reserve unless you are going first. This thing just gets blown up to easy. The Land raider however, is your best friend, it just would not go away in most games and it took concentrated fire to bring it down. Every time though it had already dropped off its payload of paladins into the heart of the enemy and the results can not be argued with. But I would have to say that mech is the way to go.

I was actually very worried going into the tourney as I felt I came with a sub par list and I ended up being very pleased. The three opponents I faced were all very good players whom I know well and against them I wasn't sure how my knights would stand up. What I can tell you for sure is to keep your knights on the move. don't let them sit idle. I tried to make a continual advance into the enemy lines in every game and it really paid off. If you sit for a turn you are just to liable to get stuck and shot up.

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