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Saturday, July 30, 2011

40k Number Theory: Excel Spread Sheet

Been working on my version of the 40k Number Theory...

I did make a tweak to Bringer of Victory. His original design had 4 categories, with limitations of measurement when it came to the strength and weakness a unit has when assaulting vehicles.

For my version continue reading...

My tweak, measures:

  • Shooting MEQ from all out shooting
  • Assaulting MEQ
  • Dead Rhinos from Shooting
  • Dead Rhinos from Assault
  • Dead Land Raiders from Shooting
  • Dead Land Raiders from Assault

Bringer of Victory combines the four vehicle categories into two, Dead Rhinos and Dead Land Raiders. I wanted to pull those numbers out apart, as we all know the measurement of a balanced list is the ability to deal with all situations. So having the numbers combined doesn't show a weakness for say killing a land raider at range or the inability to deal with armor once it is in your face.

Plan on using this system to compare some lists that we've featured in our battle reports, which as always can be found on our YouTube Channel.

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