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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Intervening models & cover save

This little question came up in our gaming group. We had a unit of gargoyles in front of a unit of flying warriors who had been modeled flying up in the air, and behind the warriors we had a flying hive tyrant. So I just would like to highlight a few rules that helped us clear up the question of who should get a save and who shouldn't.

Rule Book Pg 21
If a target is partially hidden from the fire's view by other models, it receives a 4+ cover in the same way as if it was behind terrain.

RB.22A.01 – Q: How exactly does a player determine if they are firing “through” area terrain or an intervening unit as opposed to firing “over” it?
A: When drawing line of sight past an intervening unit or area terrain draw an imaginary line from the tallest points of the two models/terrain elements that are being fired „through‟. If no portion of the target model‟s body (head,
torso, arms, legs) is within this imaginary area then LOS is considered to pass over the intervening unit/area terrain and the target is considered to not be “in cover” [clarification].
Remember that purposely converting your models to gain an in-game advantage is not allowed.

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