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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Adepticon in T minus 2 days!!

We are just two days away from Adepticon 2012 and the war drums are being beaten across the country. In just forty-eight hours gamers from all across the country and the world will be converging on Chicago to do battle on the many tabletops that reside within the main hall of the Westin inn.

We here at Bad Donkey are no different than the rest of you out there and right now we are oiling up the chain swords, charging up the storm shields and loading our bolters for the biggest bash in the land.

We are going in with a smaller number this year, but no less zeal in our hearts. Sure we all want to have plenty of fun, meet all the new friends and reconnect with all of our old friends, but why do we really go to Adepticon?

TO WIN! Plain and simple we all go to win. All of have those visions of glory in our heads and we all want to be counted as the best. I say embrace that feeling and go all out, but make sure that you do it in a very sportsman like way. There is no need for getting mad, no place for heated arguments, or room for getting up set.

Yes we all want to win but not all of us can win those big games, for one reason or another. Maybe the dice gods left you or maybe that guardsmen pulled off the impossible and killed Abaddon. However, we can all be winners by enjoying the time with like minded peers and throwing down a few while moving some plastic dudesmen.

This will be my fifth Adepticon and the tenth anniversary of the event, which looks to be shaping up as the biggest and the best one yet. I cannot promise that I will have videos right away this weekend but look for videos from the con on Monday or Tuesday next week at the latest. I'll let you know how our boys did and how our team placed, along with making sure we get a good look at all of the cool armies out there on the floor for those of you whom cannot make it.

I will be taking my Dragon Lords to battle this week and here is hoping for a big finish.

Senger signing off... end transmission

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