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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Grey Knight Models

The new Grey Knight codex and many new fancy models are now available for advance order on Games Workshop's website. Bad Donkey Gaming has been looking forward to the release of this codex for some time now. Once we get our hands on the codex we plan on putting together a marathon of battle reports featuring the Grey Knights.

Check out the rest of the new pictures.

Draigo might be GW's greatest model ever a truly stunning piece. The Grey Knight Terminators and Regular are what I expected extremely high quality plastic models. Love all the extra bits they gave them plus some of the colorful additions like the slain enemy heads. Dreadknight for me is kinda blah... just seems kinda odd for a terminator to need a suit like that.

Anyway, like I said before Bad Donkey Gaming will be pumping out all kinds of Grey Knight stuff here in the not to distant future. Stay tuned.

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