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Saturday, February 12, 2011

AdeptiCon Gladiator Listing Building Strategy

This year marks major changes to the set up of the Gladiator a 1750pts core with 2 side bars of 500pts. So how do you take advantage of these sidebars to build the most effective list to handle all challenges.

A strong core of scoring units and balanced units I believe will be key to success.

The true flexibility and power comes from the side bars, that is where you can keep your opponent guessing.

Side Bars:
Option 1: Super Heavy vs Regular Units
Example: Goff Stompa vs 2 squads of 30 boyz
Example: Baneblade vs IG Infantry Platoon

Everyone playing in the Gladiator knows to expect super heavy units, so everyone loads up on high strength weapons to deal with these units, you can use that to your advantage by having a super heavy in a sidebar. Seeing that model as a potential choice your opponent is likely to take a corresponding sidebar that handles super heavies. Allowing regular units to be more effective.

Option 2: Anti-tank vs Anti-infantry
Example: Dev. Squad with Lascannons vs Dev. Squad with Heavy Bolters

The Lascannons only do so much good against Orks or other horde armies and like wise HB's are not going to help you all that much if your staring down a Land Raider (or bigger).

Option 3: Move vs Stationary
Example: Land Raiders vs Dev. Squads

Another thing to consider in your side bar is missions are you just going to have to stand there and shoot or are you going to have to get someplace with your units? How mobile is your core list to begin with will have a big impact on if this is necessary for your army.

Option 4: Deathstar A vs Deathstar B
Example: Logan Bomb vs Thunderwolfs

Senger is a big fan of Thunderwolves if you haven't seen by now, I'm a fan of Logan and Multi-meltas long fangs in a drop pod. Both a very deadly. Each brings with it problems for your enemy, why not make it unpredictable for your opponent by having them in your sidebars.

What I'm planning for Gladiator:

Boss Forskull's Core 1750

1 Ghazghkull Thraka @ 225 pts

1 Warboss @ 150 pts Stikkbombs; Attack Squig; Cybork Body; Warbike; Slugga; Dakkagun; Power Klaw

1 Nob Bikers @ 400 pts Cybork Body; Warbike; Dakkagun
                1 Painboy Dok's Tools; 'Urty Syringe
                2 Nobz Slugga; Power Klaw
                1 Nob Slugga; Big Choppa
                1 Nob Waaagh! Banner; Choppa; Slugga
                1 Nob Choppa; Slugga

29 Boyz @ 250 pts; Choppa & Slugga; Rokkit Launcha x3
                1 Boyz Nob 'Eavy Armour; Slugga; Power Klaw

29 Boyz @ 250 pts; Choppa & Slugga; Rokkit Launcha x3
                1 Boyz Nob 'Eavy Armour; Slugga; Power Klaw

19 Boyz @ 165 pts; Shootas; Big Shootas x2
                1 Boyz Nob 'Eavy Armour; Slugga; Power Klaw

9 Boyz @ 135 pts; Choppa & Slugga
                1 Boyz Nob 'Eavy Armour; Slugga; Power Klaw
                1 Trukk Big Shoota

9 Kommandos @ 175 pts; Choppa & Slugga
                1 Boss Snikrot
 Sidebar A
 Sidebar B
Goff Klawstompa @ 450 pts

1 Deffkopta @ 45 pts; Twin Linked Rokkit
15 Lootas @ 225 pts; Deffguns
15 Lootas @ 225 pts; Deffguns
1 Deffkopta @ 45 pts; Twin Linked Rokkit

Army List Thoughts:
The core is pretty easy, Warboss on Bike with Nob Bikers, Ghaz goes with Snikrot and Kommandos and uses Ambush special rule. (Thank you AdeptiCon FAQ, Pg 78 for those who are curious) The rest of the boys march up the battle field. Trukk boys try a flank or late turn objective grab.

Sidebar A:
With Sidebar A, I'm able to load up a squad of 30 boys in the stompa and keep them safe across the battle field, I will be care of using this list when opposing super heavies are on the field. Deffkopta is for contesting objectives and table quarters. In some of the primer missions and other missions I've seen recently allow non-scoring units the ability to score and what could be better then a single jet bike that I could potentially use to steal wins.

Sidebar B:
Sidebar B, likes to shoot, and shoot alot. This is more for when I know someone has loaded up on anti-tank weapons. Deffkopta same reason as above.

Please note: Construction of Goff Stompa soon to be featured on Bad Donkey Gaming... :)

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