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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thank you GW!

Games Workshop has update the Dark Angels codex with all the new goodies that the other Space Marine codexes have. Like 3+ invulnerable save storm shields and feel no pain apothecary.

Dark Angels FAQ

So with that change it really has me wanting to play test and try out potentially (maybe for 'Ard Boyz) a Dark Angels' Company Vet. Squad with something like:

10 Veterans with 8 Power Weapons 2 Power Fists and 10 Storm Shields!

It's crazy expensive weighing in at 470 points. With the power weapon guys having 4 attacks on the charge and 3 attacks for the power fists, it could be very fun.

This FAQ also makes Belial better as now he has access to a 3+ invulnerable save, he's still not great but something I might try out.

The change to the apothecary rules also make Belial special terminator squad all the more attractive as well.

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