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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Quote the Raven, Nevermore"

The Storm Raven is now up in the advance orders at gamesworkshop. This baby is just what the Doctor ordered. Looking at this baby thunderhawk we get a really nice mix of firepower, mobility and transport capacity.

The first role I believe for the Raven is the fact that it is a gunship and can be kitted out to be either anti-infantry or an anti-tank role. In the anti-infantry role you can go with either the standard heavy bolters or the typhoon launcher, the assault cannon or plasama cannon and add on hurricane bolter sponsons for good measure.

On the anti-tank side of the equation it can load up with a twin-linked multi-melta or the typhoon laucher, again the twin-linked assault cannon or a twin-linked lascannon and of course you have the four standard blood strike missiles. Either way you go you can truly make a solid gunboat out of this little piece of Heaven.

Then there is the really fun part, not only does the Storm Raven have lots of guns but it also has a transport capacity of twelve models. Which also breaks down to six jump pack marines or six terminators. Being an assault vehicle that makes this truly scary, but we're not done there just yet. You all know we can drop in a dreadnaught off this little army in a can too. Whether its a furioso, death company, or a standard dread, this strike force is going to pack a knockout punch if delivered at the right time.
To compliment the Storm Raven and augment that initial drop the Blood Angel Furioso Dreadnaught has also gotten an update in plastic. Its everything you love about a normal dreadnaught but when the going gets tough and you have to knock out thirty orks in a single blow you can take the blood talons and keep killing until you cannot kill anymore. And with armor 13 on the front you can take a good amount of punishment and only have to worry about the heaviest of anti-tank fire. But take this old boy out for a ride on the storm raven and you will rarely have to consider that fire power at all.
Due out on the 5th of Febuary each of these kits will make an excellent addition to your Blood Angel Forces. Also scheduled for release is the new Blood Angel battleforce which includes a rhino, 5 man assault squad, 10 man tactical squad and a 5 man death company. So whether you are looking to add on or get started check these out!
Storm Raven: $66.00
Furioso: $44.50
BattleForce: $100.00

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