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Friday, January 28, 2011

Grey Knight Rumor Compilation

Grey Knight rumors:

1. Grey knights will not have inducted unitss.

2. If it has boobies it will not be in GK codex if it has man parts it will be in the dex.

3. GK & GKT have plastic kits and will be troops

4.the stormraven is in

5.Hqs change the FOC

6.Stormtroopers will have a spot in the dex

7. assassins are elite in any type of GK army

8.GKs have ATSKNF

9.GK access to land raiders, razorbacks, rhinos, chimeras and stormraven bikes or chaplains

11.all GKs are psykers and act as the PsyBS

12.No vanilla marine wargear

13.Brother captain stern is eternal warrior and removes models from play with attacks.

14. GM gives out abilites to units like weapon upgrades

15.henchmen take up elite spot and are mixed with deamonhosts, death cult assassins, priest, etc.

16.holocaust 12" range large blast.

17.mystic is a teleport homer

18.All GK vehicles are immune to shaken and stunned.

19.psychic power that raises av +2, you pick the facing.

20.GKs have access to command squads with an apothecary

21. vindicare has unlimited special ammo.

22. unit or upgrade that causes a wound on a 4+ before combat starts, for models in b2b with GK unit. armor saves taken as normal.
take witha pinch of salt more compiled rumors to come.

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