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Monday, January 17, 2011

Dragon Lords (SW) 1850

Always fun talking lists and I figured I'd share my current Space Wolves list that I have been running for about a month. So Far it has proven pretty resiliant, fast and has some real hitting power. Mind you guys I love getting into assault and this list has all kinds of hand to hand punch, but let me tell you I actually bring a surprising amout of fire power here. So down to business:

Dragon Lords


Wolf lord: TH & SS, wolftooth neckless, wolftail tailisman, runic armor, thunderwolf mount & 2 fenrisian wolfs, saga of the bear

Wolf Lord: Frost Blade & SS, runic armor, thundrwolf mount

Rune Priest: Murderous Hurricane & Jaws


Grey Hunters x10: plasma guns x 2, rhino

Grey Hunters x5: flamer, razorback

Grey Hunters x10: meltagun x 2, drop pod

Grey Hunters x8: flamer, drop pod

Fast Attack

Thunderwolves x2: storm shield & melta bomb, storm shield

Heavy Support

Long Fangs x6: missle launcher x4, multi melta x1

Long Fangs x6: missle launcher x3, multi melta x2

Long Fangs x6: heavy bolter 4, plasma cannon x1

There it is, its been deceivingly shoot while have a major punch in assault. This list has definately served me well in the past month. The one tournament I've taken it to I placed third in. There are lots of other way I like to run but this is my current flavor and its actually pretty balanced. More to come as we go along.

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