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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cowboy Open Ork List

Here is my initial thoughts for an Ork list for the upcoming Cowboy Open.

Warboss: Power Klaw, Combi-Skorcha, 'Eavy Armour, Attack Squig, & Cybork Body
Kommandos (x9) w/ Boss Snikrot: Burna (x1)

Warboss on Bike: Power Klaw, 'Eavy Armour, Attack Squig, & Cybork Body
Nobz on Bikes (x6): Painboy, Power Klaw (x2), Waaagh Banner, Big Choppa

Lootas (x10)

Slugga Boyz (x19) w/ Power Klaw & 'Eavy Armour Nob
Battle Wagon: Zzap Gun and Rokkit (x2)

Slugga Boyz (x29) w/ Power Klaw & 'Eavy Armour Nob
*** See Below for Transport ***

Shoota Boyz (x19) w/ Power Klaw & 'Eavy Armour Nob
Battle Wagon: Big Shoota (x3)

Nobz (x5): Power Klaw, Big Choppa, and 'Eavy Armour (x5)
Battle Wagon: Kannon and Big Shoota

Saturday, May 26, 2012

40k Takes to the Sky

The new age of combat has come 40k is no longer the ground and pound your enemy it is evolving into the pound them from above. Games Workshop has release 3 new 40k kits due out in June.

The Space Marines, Orks and Necrons all have new flyers. Combine this with the storm raven, valkyrie, and the Dark Eldar flyers. 40k has see a dramatic increase of those things not marching along the ground. Also with 6th edition on the horizon the battles won't just be on the table top but well above them.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cowboy Open... the countdown has begun!

You may have notice our countdown to the Cowboy Open, and if that has you wondering what the heck that is, let me let you in on the secret.

Its the Gladiator and 'Ard Boyz combined into the sweetest 40k tournament ever!

Combine that with the fact its at one of our local stores with some of the best 40k players in the country make for a can't miss tournament.

Check out the details for yourself...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Evolution of Combat

Rogue Trader and 2nd Edition 40k, a fun look back into the past.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mk IV Space Marine Assault Squad

Another fantastic new release by Forge World gives us the Mk IV Space Marine Assualt Squad. I really like the single center engine on their jump packs. I do wish the legs were in more of a running stance. Still a great addition to your Space Marine army.

Forge World Terminator Weapon Set

Forge World has come out with a new terminator weapons set. And that got me wondering, considering there're multiple is power weapons in the set is there going to be a change to assault terminators in the new Space Marine codex down the road, only time will tell. They are a rather impressive set one I would enjoy to add to my collection.
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