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Monday, August 29, 2011

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bad Donkey Gaming is now over 10k in views

Our little 40k blog is growing, was checking out the stats and we're starting to pick up some stream with the number of views. Our YouTube channel is also growing quickly as well. 

'Ard Boyz Semi-Final Locations

For those who qualified for 'Ard Boyz the next step on the your quest to determine who the biggest and the meanest is... 'Ard Boyz Semi-Final... choose your location wisely as now your going up against some finely tuned lists with experienced generals commanding them.

'Ard Boyz Semi-Final Locations

For those who are curious I did not qualify the dice goods didn't favor me, but that's ok I got to visit a vary nice store down in Centerville, OH Epic Loot (more to come on that). Senger and his Grey Knights did move on to round 2 so he needs to now determine where he is going to lay the smack down at.

Dark Future Part II: Our Brothers

Dark Future Part I: Our Universe

Nice Daemon Conversion

I been building a Chaos Space Marine army here lately one I plan on taking a great deal of time painting and converting. It is going to be a Black Legion army. As you can imagine the problem with making a black legion army is well they are all black, so what could I do to make the army pop when its on its display board for tournaments.... This is what I found on GW website today...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Oh... and this Bad Boy is floating around the internet...

... so you better watch out!

Forge World - Realm of Battle Strongpoint

As someone who owns the Realm of Battle set, this is something that I have been waiting for some time. This is way cool and I look forward to adding it to my table. I might also use if for my display board at AdeptiCon. I really like how if fits seamlessly into the existing hill side of the Realm of Battle set.
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