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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some More Thoughts On Grey Knights

Sorry for the long delay between articles again, I really need to get on this. But I've been getting alot of gaming in with my Grey Knights if you've been keeping up with our youtube channel. There are some things that I've picked up on through all these games and I'd like to point out with the units that I use.
1. Grey Knights vs. deamons = deamons pawned. The one game I played against deamons was a fate-crusher list. Any other time I'd not be in to good a mood to play against that list, but with knights I used 3 units to kill the entire army. Grey Knights own deamons if you do not agree, then you have not seen, so check out our youtube channel.
2. Paladins + Lord Draigo + Xenos Inquisitor = totally worth the points. Armed with 2 incinerators, halberds, the pleathora of grenades and Draigo catching melta and lascannons once out of the crusaders is awesome. They take a lot of fire power to put down and in assault its almost not even fair. Pitch in the plasma syphon for good measure and its almost obnoxcious.
3. Warp Quake = Amazing. Talk about fun warp quake keeps deep strikers away. In a dawn of war game you can auto win against drop lists if you go first.leaving them 9 inches to deep strike on the short edges. good luck with that.
4. Dreadnaught is nearly a must have. -4 on psy checks is just awesome, even at leadership 10, you're on a 6.
5. You don't have to get overly fancy to win and so far I've found even being outnumbered 5-1 you can still win. Never outgunned by anyone and knights carry big sticks.

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