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Deffkopta to Buggy!

A simple and easily repeatable conversion to turn your Deffkopta into a Rokkit Buggy.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We are just 3 days out of the bigest event for gamers by gamers and I know all of you out there are getting down to the nitty gritty of what you have going for it. This guy here finished up his team army last week and its just a matter of making sure that you have everything you need for this awesome weekend of games, partying and more games.
So here is a little check list for all you newbies out there going for the first time or you guys who are getting long in tooth and your memory is not what it used to be.

Adepticon list of stuff:

1.Your army-(duh) seriously make sure you have everything nothing worse than getting to a tourney and not having a powerfist or a venomthrope.
2.Glue- now with the mini-medic there its not so bad, but he can get swamped so make sure you have glue for patch jobs. Accelerator is a great thing to have too.
3.Your Lists- Six copies of every list for each tournement you are playing. Remember you have to give one to each opponent, the judges and have one for yourself.
4.Codex- For those of us who don't have them memorized. Cause sometimes I'd like to see that rule for myself.
5.Munchies- For the road and room because road food gets expensive and the hotel doesn't exactly have cheap food either.
6.Cash- Maybe not for all of us but if you're a turnpike or for vending machines. plus it makes things quicker at the vendor hall.
7.Sense of humor- You'll need it this weekend trust me. Remember not everyone is the same as you.
8.Good friends- Yeah there are a few team tournaments this weekend guys, don't forget them at home.
9.A maintained vehicle- Yeah just make sure your car is in good working order, you don't need problems. Remember if you are borrowing a vehicle to check all the fluids and ask lots of questions. I'm never making that mistake again. lol (long story)
10.DEODORANT!!!- I can't stress this enough. We are talking like 1000 dudes in one room, it gets hot and then it gets stinky. SO, PLEASE BRING IT AND WEAR IT. OR ELSE
That's it for now, hope to see bunch of you guys there. Say Hello if you see us. We'll be wearing or Bad Donkey T-Shirts. You'll see the Dragon Lords there so come by and say hello.

Senger Out.

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