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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Grey Knights, Tons of new rumors.

Bad Donkey Gaming has searched the web high and low to bring you these tastey tidbits.

Army Wide Rules:Aegis: Psykers targeting a squad with Aegis suffer -1 Ld. Psykers within 12" of a dreadnought with Reinforced Aegis suffer -4 Ld.
And They Shall Know No Fear
Combat Squads
Psyker Pilots
Brotherhood of Psykers
Psyker Mastery Levels: Character can use 1 psychic power per turn for each level (so 2 powers per turn at level 2).
Preferred Enemy: Demons


Nemesis Weapons, as far as I know are Force Weapons. HOWEVER, because of how Brotherhood of Psykers works (A unit casts a psychic power as a singular entity) I believe this means that only one weapon can become a Force Weapon per turn (If you so choose to use it over Hammerhand).

Psycannon: Str 7 AP 4 36" Assault 2/Heavy 4, Rending
Incinerator: Str 5 AP 4 Template, Rending
Personal Teleporter: Unit can move as though they have a jump pack. Once per game, the unit may move 30", but may not assault afterwards.
Nemesis Halberd: +1 Initiative
Nemesis Daemonhammer: +1 Strength
Nemesis Falchions: Force Lightning Claws (come in pairs only).
Nemesis Warding Stave: Power weapon that conveys a 2++ Invulnerable save. (I know. Madness.) They're 20-25 points per depending on the squad.
Daemonhammer: This entry confuses me. There's both a Nemesis Daemonhammer and a regular Daemonhammer, but as far as I know, this one is a Thunderhammer with Daemonbane.
Psyk-Out grenades: reduce morale of the unit they attack, I believe, but that one is the one i'm the most unsure on.
Storm Bolter: As normal, but counts as a pistol in close combat (additional close combat weapon).
Psybolts: May ignore invulnerable saves.

Psychic Powers:
Hammer Hand: +1 strength in Close Combat
Warp Quake: Any deepstriking unit that lands within 12" suffers automatic mishap.
Holocaust: S5 AP - Large Blast 12"
Quicksilver: Unit becomes Initiative 10
Warp-Rift: Template that auto removes models from play
The Summoning: A single friendly unit that is anywhere on the table is placed within 6" of the librarian and counts as deepstriking.
Smite: As C:SM
Might of Titan: Beginning of librarians assault phase. Unit within 6" gains +1 str and extra D6 armour pen vs vehicles. Bonus is cumulative with hammerhand.
The Shrouding: Opponents shooting phase. All units within 6" gain stealth (minimum 5+ cover in the open).
Mind Blades: Start of any assault phase. One enemy unit within 6" loses 1 toughness for the rest of the assault phase.
Vortex of Doom: As C:SM
Sanctury: Enemy assault phase. Enemy units wishing to assault any Grey Knight within 12" of librarian must make a difficult AND dangerous terrain test.
Psychic Communion (Grandmaster and Captain only): Take a psychic test. If passed, you may modify any reserve rolls by + or -1.
Heroic Sacrafice (Champion only): During any assault phase and when the "chaplain" dies. If the psychic test is passed, make one attack against any one model that is in base to base with the champion. If the attack hits, the model is removed as a casualty with no saves. If it misses, there is no effect.
Cleansing Flame (Purifiers only): Start of any assault phase. All enemy models that are part of the same assault suffer a wound on a 4+ before any blows are struck with saving throws allowed. Casualties count towards combat resolution.
Astral Aim (Purgation Squad only): Shooting Phase. Unit and attached characters may fire at any unit in range and regardless of line of sight. Target automatically gets a 4+ cover save that cannot be modified.
Reconstruction (techmarines only): Beginning of techmarine's movement. Re-roll any repair roll.
Fortitude (Vehicle only): At the start of Grey Knight player's turn, removes any shaken or stunned results.
Zone of Banishment(Captain Stern only): During Stern's assault phase. All models (friend and foe, but NOT stern) within 6" make a strength test or are removed from play. Demons must re-roll successful tests.

Grey Knight Retinue:

Apothicary: ? BS ? S ? T ? W ? I ? A ? Ld ? Sv ? 75 Points
Wargear: Reducter, Narthecium
Options: ?
Special Rules: Feel No Pain.

Special Characters:
Lord Draigo: WS 7 BS 6 S 5 T 5 W 4 I 5 A 5 Ld 10 Sv 2+ Points 275
Wargear: Titan Sword (str 10 vs demons and psykers), Storm Shield, Frag, Krak, Psyk-out grenades
Options: ?
Special Rules: Lord of Titan (take Paladins as troops), Psychic Mastery 2, Eternal Warrior
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand, Psychic Communion, Cleansing Flame

Grand Master Mordrack: WS 6 BS 6 S 4 T 4 W 4 I 5 A 4 Ld 10 Sv 2+ Points Storm Raven cost
Wargear: ?
Options: ?
Special Rules: Deepstrike on first turn, D3 abilities given to squads
Ghost Knights - Terminator retinue that increases in size with each wound the character takes.

Brother Captain Stern: WS ? BS ? S ? T ? W ? I ? A ? Ld ? Sv ? Points ?
Wargear: ?
Options: ?
Special Rules: Psychic Mastery 2
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand, Zone of Banishment, Psychic Communion.

Castellan Crowe: WS ? BS ? S ? T ? W ? I ? A ? Ld ? Sv ? Points ?
Wargear: ?
Options: ?
Special Rules: Psychic Mastery 1, The Perfect Warrior
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand, Heroic Sacrifice, Cleansing Flame

Inquisitor Corteaz: WS ? BS ? S ? T ? W ? I ? A ? Ld ? Sv ? Points 100
Wargear: ?
Options: ?
Special Rules: Psychic Mastery 2, Henchmen may be taken as troops
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand, Sanctuary, Mind Blades

Inquisitor Karamazov - Witch Hunter
Inquisitor Valeria - Xenos Hunter

Grand Master: ?
Wargear: Terminator Armor
Options: Psycannon, Incinerator, Psilencer, Servo Skulls, Blind Grenades, Meltabombs, Digi weapons, Psybolt ammo, empyrean brain mines, psychostroke or rad grenades, orbital strike relay, master craft any weapon.

Special Rules:
Psyker Level 1
Make Paladins troops.
Pick D3 Units and give them a special rule:
1) Makes them scoring (kinda neat for dread and or elite paladins)
2) Makes them re roll 1s to wound all game
3) Makes them have counter attack USR.
4) Makes them Scout
Note: All these units are affected by the one choice.
Psychic Powers: Hammerhand, Psychic Communion

Brother Captain: WS ? BS ? S ? T ? W ? I ? A ? Ld ? Sv ? Points ?
Wargear: Terminator Armor
Options: Psycannon, Incinerator, Psilencer, Servo Skulls, Blind Grenades, Meltabombs, Digi weapons, Psybolt ammo, empyrean brain mines, psychostroke or rad grenades, orbital strike relay, master craft any weapon.

Special Rules: Psyker level 1.
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand, Psychic Communion.

Brotherhood Champion: WS 7 BS ? S ? T ? W ? I ? A ? Ld ? Sv ? Points ? (chaplain)
Wargear: Terminator Armor
Options: Psycannon, Incinerator, Psilencer, Servo Skulls, Blind Grenades, Meltabombs, Digi weapons, Psybolt ammo, empyrean brain mines, psychostroke or rad grenades, orbital strike relay, master craft any weapon.

Special Rules: Psyker Level 1, The Perfect Warrior
Psychic Powers: Hammerhand, Heroic Sacrafice.

Librarian: WS ? BS ? S ? T ? W ? I ? A ? Ld ? Sv ? 150 Points
Wargear: ?
Options: Upgrade to Psyker Mastery 3 +50 points. Take additional psychic powers for +5 points each.
Special Rules: Psyker Mastery 2
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor
Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor
Inquisitor: WS 4 BS 4 S 3 T 3 W 3 I 4 A 3 Ld 10 Sv ? 25 Pts
Wargear: Something exactly like a Dijin Blade, Forcefield, enemy takes save vs wound or die (like lucas the trickster)
Options: Psycher Mastery 1?
Special Rules: Stubborn, Independent Character, Henchmen Retinue (3-12)

Inquisitorial Henchmen:
Arco Flagelant: ?
Wargear: Close Combat Weapon
Special Rules: Feel No Pain

Banisher: ?
Wargear: ?
Options: Eviscerator
Special Rules: Demons within 6" re-roll successful invulnerable saves.

Crusader: ?
Wargear: Power Weapon, Storm Shield.
Special Rules: ?

Demonhost: ?
Wargear: ?
Options: ?
Special Rules: ?

Deathcult Assassin: WS? BS ? S ? T ? W ? I ? A ? Ld ? Sv 5++ ? Points
Wargear: 2 Power Weapons.
Options: ?
Special rules: ?

Servitor: ? Cheap
Wargear: Heavy Bolter or Multi-melta
Options: Up to 3 can be armed with Plasma Cannons
Special Rules: Mindlock without inquisitor

Weaponsmith: ?
Wargear: Creates weapons like oblitorater (Lascannon, multi-melta, heavy Flamer)
Options: ?
Special Rules: Roll D6 each turn and add +1 starting at second turn. Bonus applies to squad:
1) no effect.
2) +12? range to all guns.
3) Armor saves improved by one.
4) All shooting weapons become rending
5) All models gain a 5+ invuln
6) "The Works": Roll twice on the table and apply both results. No result can be taken twice.

Mystic: ?
Wargear: ?
Options: ?
Special rules: Teleport homer.

Psyker: ?
Wargear: ?
Options: ?
Special Rules: Same as blast in IG Psyker Battle Squads.

Warrior Acolyte: Basic Guardsman or stormtrooper?
Wargear: Laspistol and Chainsword
Options: Bolt Gun, Storm Bolter, Hot-shot Lasgun, Combi-weapon, Powersword or plasma pistol, storm shield, power fist, carapace armor, power armor, melta bombs
Special Rules: ?

Techmarine: WS ? BS ? S ? T ? W ? I ? A ? Ld ? Sv ? Points ?
Wargear: ?
Options: ?
Special Rules: Psychic Mastery 1
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand, Reconstruction

Purifier Squad: WS ? BS ? S ? T ? W ? I ? A ? Ld ? Sv ? Points ?
Wargear: ?
Options: ? Anti-horde
Special Rules: Psyker level 1
Psychic powers: Hammer Hand, Cleansing Flame

Venerable Dreadnought: WS ? BS ? S ? T ? W ? I ? A ? Ld ? Sv ? Points ?
Wargear: ?
Options: ?
Special Rules: Psyker
Psychic Power: Fortitude

Paladin Squad
Paladin Terminator: WS 5 BS 4 S 4 T 4 W 2 I 4 A 2 Ld 10 Sv 2+/4++ Points 55
Squad Size: 1 - ?
Weapons: Storm Bolter, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades, Nemesis Force Halberd
Options: Psychout grenades, Brotherhood Banner, Nemesis Demon Hammer, Pair of Nemesis Falchions, Nemesis Warding Stave, Psycannon, Incinerators, Psylencers, Apothecary, Banner of Brotherhood, Psybolt Ammo, Master craft any weapon +5 points.
Special Rules: Psyker Level 1
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand, Holocaust

Callidus 145 Points
C'tan Phase Blade: Power weapon that causes instant death if unsaved.
Polymorphine: Choose an enemy unit: They take D6 s4 ap2 hits then place the callidus within 3" of the unit. Counts as deepstriking but DOES NOT scatter.
Neural Shredder: S8 AP1 Pistol, Template, can't hurt vehicles. Still wounds vs Ld.
Special Rules: Hit and Run, Stealth

Eversor 130 Points
Wargear: Meltabombs
Neuro Gauntlet: (Lightening Claw)
Frenzon: +d6 attacks on the turn he charges.
Executioner Pistol: S4 AP 2, 12" Pistol, Poisoned (2+)
Special Rules: Furious Charge

Vindicare 145 Points
Wargear: Blind Grenades
Exitus Rifle (AP 1 Sniper Rifle)
Exitus Pistol: Sx AP1 12" Pistol, Sniper
Options: ?
Special Rules: Stealth, Fleet, Move through cover
Dead Shot: Choose any model as target (not just unit)
Hellfire: always wounds on a 2+
Shield Breaker: Remove invulnerable save from target for rest of game (but doesn't cause a wound)
Turbo-penetrator: Inflicts 2 wounds or gets 4d6 penetration

Culexus 135 Points
Wargear: Psyk-out grenades, Psyocculum
Animus Speculum: S5 AP1 12" Assault 2, +2 shots for each psyker in 12"
Etherium: Any unit that attempts to assault the Cullexus must pass a leadership test on 3d6 (vehicles are leadership 10). They can still assault something else if they fail.

Assassin Profile: WS 8 BS 8 S 4 T 4 W 2 I 7 A 4 Ld 10 Sv 4++ Points: See temple
Wargear: ?
Special Rules: Feel No Pain, Dodge Save, Unique: Only 1 of any type allowed.

Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband

Grey Knight Terminator Squad
Grey Knight Terminator: WS 4 BS 4 S 4 T 4 W 1 I 4 A 2 LD 9 Sv 2+/5++ 40 Points
Wargear: Storm Bolter, Nemesis Force Weapon, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades.
Options: Psybolt ammo
Special Rules: Psychic Mastery 1
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand

Special Upgrade Character - Justicar Thawn: WS ? BS ? S ? T ? W ? I ? A ? Ld ? Sv2+/ ?++ ? Points
Wargear: ?
Options: ?
Special Rules: 4+ will be back.

Grey Knights Strike Squad (the regular GK's)
Grey Knight: WS 4 BS 4 S 4 T 4 W 1 I 4 A 1 LD 8 Sv 3+ 20 Points
Wargear: Storm Bolter, Nemesis Force Sword.
Options: Psybolts, Personal Teleporters
Special Rules: Psyker Level 1
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand, Warp Quake.

Wargear: ?
Options: ?
Special Rules: Psyker
Psychic Power: Fortitude

Wargear: ?
Options: ?
Special Rules: Psyker
Psychic Power: Fortitude


StormRaven: 205 Points
Wargear: ?
Options: ?
Special Rules: Psyker
Psychic Power: Fortitude

Heavy Support:
Purgation Squad
Grey Knight:WS 4 BS 4 S 4 T 4 W 1 I 4 A 1 LD 8 Sv 3+ 20 Points
Wargear: Storm Bolter, Nemesis Force Weapon, 4x Incinerators, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades
Options: Replace Incinerators with Psycannons at +20 points each, Psilencers for +? points.
Special Rules: Do not need line of sight.

Wargear: ?
Options: ?
Special Rules: Psyker
Psychic Power:Fortitude

Nemesis Dreadknight (MC): WS 5 BS ? S 7 T 7 W 4 I ? A 3 Sv 2+/4++ 130 Points
Wargear: Heavy Psycannon, Super Incinerator, 2 close combat weapons.
Options: Personal Teleporter +75 Points
Special Rules: Monsterous Creature, Deepstrike, Psychic Mastery 1
Psychic Powers: Hammer Hand, Holocaust.

Land Raider (and variants, including redeemer)
Wargear: ?
Options: ?
Special Rules: Psyker
Psychic Power: Fortitude

Pictures (from Ominous Anonymous) Note that these are all very blurry and the watermark pretty much makes the vehicles invisibile.
NOTE: Proper credit for original pictures goes to Katie Drake at Heresy Online.

Army Picture

Some thoughts on the pictures:

Storm Ravens: The one on the left has some sort of rocket or missile pods instead of the usual assault cannon/multi-melta setup. Neither of them appear to have lascannon turrets or hurricane bolters.

Dreadknights: I'm going to take a stab at that being a force sword. Also, there were rumors abound of a gattling psycannon before the "super psycannon." It may be that those are the two seperate guns, with the third being the incinerator. One obviously has multiple barrels (and what might be an ejection port for spent casings) while the other has a big barrel. The remind me of a cross between the loader on Aliens and walkers from Avatar.

Land Raider: Looks like a crusader, but the water mark is smearing the "assault cannon" in the front. May be something else, or may just be the watermark.

Transport: Appears to be a rhino. I'm not seeing the sponson everyone else mentioned, just the top of the librarian's banner. However, the water mark makes it extremely difficult to tell.

Strike squads: One has those "antenna" and the other does not, so I'm venturing to say they're personal teleporters. Also, I'm noticing that most of them are carrying a bolter-like weapon. Could be psycannons/flamers/incinerators, but I'm noticing a distinct lack of close combat weapons.

Terminators: Very fuzzy, but there are a lot of them. I'm going to guess that this is a ~2500 point force for that many termies. Their weapons are very blurry, but look varied nonetheless. Possibility of mixing and matching weapons.

HQ: Definately an apothicary. I'd say there are 2 or 3 special characters in the HQ blob, and 2 terminators in the background. Makes me curious if retinues are small (minimum of 2 or so).

Quote I. Yes, the Weaponsmiths are the Jokaero. Keep in mind they're in the Inquisitor's Warband and nowhere in their entry does it mention that they work with the Grey Knights themselves. I think it's a nod at the Ordo Xenos inclusion. You should hear their rules though, hoo boy!

II. I've seen some none blurred pictures, yeah. Some of that new artwork is impressive! And the Dreadknight box art is sweeeeet. You guys will really like it, it's the most bad ass Exo-Suit this side of Terra.

III. I'll get back to you guys on the Wargear stuff the next time I take a look. Orbital Strike Relay calls down a single Orbital Bombardment, I believe.

IV. Sadly, yes, the GM, BC, and Libby come with a 5++ Invul as is Terminator Standard. They can take Warding Staves though. The GM and BC have Psychic Communion and Hammerhands, and no, they can't customize their powers.

V. They come with Nemesis Force Swords as standard. If you want the Halberd and so on, you's got to pay up!

VI. Also, the Brotherhood Champion is an HQ too that no one seems to care about. Poor guys. I still love you and Castellan Crowe too!

VII. The Turbo-Penetrator acts exactly how it sounds like with Sniper. Scary, innit?

VIII. Warding Staves are a generic 2++ as far as I know. And no, outside of the Crusader type Henchman, there be no Storm Shields. Guess they wanted to leave that to the regular SMs.

IX. I'm actually kind of confused what the purpose of a Brother Captain is to be honest. He's only 25 points cheaper than the Grand Master and he doesn't even have the awesomeness that's The Grand Strategy that the GMs have.

X. Purifier Squads, I know no one asked, but they're so boss. My standard troop type thanks to His Awesomeness Castellan Crowe.

XI. Costs: GM = 175. BC = 150. Libby = 150. Brotherhood Champ = 100 (For Arty Armour and weapons of awesome!)

-Paladin Terminators are basically super elite badasses. When a GK thinks he can be a bad ass, he embarks on an eight step quest to become a Paladin, involving spending a day and night in some super evil cavern in Mount Anarch, go test his will against some super evil book, kill a Herald of each of the four Chaos Gods, kick the ass of one of the 666 super daemons and more. Then he goes and joins the Paladins in the Hall of Champions and bodyguards the Grandmasters and Apothecaries.
-GKs are organized into various Brotherhoods, each with a BC and his bodyguard called the Brotherhood Champion. I can't be sure until I get another look at it, but it almost seems as if the GKs can be called in if any of the Ordos are having too many problems. SEEMS though, I have to check.
-It seems to be a mix of pick and called. The GKs can go drop the hammer wherever they think they need to, but if the Inquisition calls, they've gotta go be Bros and back em up.
-Jokaeros and Daemonhosts work with INQUISITORS not necessarily the GKs. I guess if they have to work with them they view it as a necessary evil?

XII. And yes, the Cullexus lost the aura and the ability.

EDIT: Also, as scary as Paladins are, they do cost an arm and a leg. And a kidney. Basically you become Iron-Hand Straken if you want an army of them.
Quote Castellan Garran Crowe
-Head and Brotherhood Champion of the Purifier Order
-Wielder of The Blade of Antwyr, a super daemon sword that not only attracts heretics and daemons like flies, but tries to corrupt and possess the wielder, thus it was entrusted to the Purifiers to keep safe. Crowe is the only one with the fortitude to keep it under control.
-Stats: 8 4 4 4 2 6 * 10 2+
-150 pts
-The reason for the * on his A slot is because he has the same "The Perfect Warrior" ability that Brotherhood Champs have
-Artificer Armour; Frak, Krak, and Psyk-Out Nades, Storm Bolter; Iron Halo
-The Blade of Antwyr: Close Combat Weapon, but the turn his unit GETS assaulted they gain Furious Charge and re-roll all failed to hit rolls for that Assault Phase
-Master Swordsman: His CC attacks are Rending and Rend on a 4+
-All the rules a regular Broterhood Champ has
-Purifiers are TROOPS with Castellan Crowe

Purifiers are awesome because for +4 points over a PAGK they gain an extra attack and LD point. And access to The Cleansing Flame psychic power. Oh and Incinerators are free for them.

The Grand Strategy is the ability of the Grand Master to give one of four special rules to D3 units (Infantry, Jump Infantry, MCs, or Walkers, NOT Inquis. Warbands, ICs, or Modrak's Ghost Knights). The rules are:
-Hammer of Righteousness: Nominated unit re-rolls to wound rolls of 1 for the duration of the game
-Shield of Blades: Target unit gets Counter Attack
-Spear of Light: Target unit gets Scouts
-Unyielding Anvil: Target unit gains Scoring

Brother-Captain Stern
-Stern is NOT a Mephiston like beast. The idea makes me chuckle. He is good though.
-Standard Brother Captain Statline & Equipment
-Strands of Fate: Stern can reroll one to hit, to wound, or saving throw die PER PHASE. However, for every one you chose to roll, your enemy can reroll one of his own later in the game.
-Zone of Banishment: Psychic Power used in the assault phase in place of his CC attacks. ALL models within 6" (Friendly and enemy, and himself!) must take a Strength test. Those that fail are dragged into the Warp AKA removed from play. Daemons must reroll successful saves.


The Perfect Warrior: In the assault phase, after the move but before the hits, the Brotherhood Champ MUST select a stance from the following list:

-Sword Storm - The BC makes an attack on all models in B2B contact with him (But he doesn't get the bonus for charging)

-Blade Shield - Can't attack, but gets to reroll ALL failed saves until the end of the phase

-Rapier Strike - Champ makes D3 (Or D3+1 if he charged) attacks at I10 that MUST be directed at an MC or Independent Character in B2B contact.

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