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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Big Papa Smurf

Marneus is back in town with some new power ups due to the recent updates to the space marine FAQs. God of War just went nuclear with the ability to not not take no retreat wounds when choosing to pass your morale check after losing a combat. This really helps out a lot if the charging army is really only a threat on the charge and you want to hang around for that second round of combat without having to make those extra saving throws. Really really nice deal here.

Not only that but combat tactics just got better too. Not only do the boys in blue get the awesome ability of to not take wounds but if they choose to fall back after being shot up they can now move 3 inches for regroup plus 6 inches for normal movement. So even if you roll a 12 for the fall back distance you can jump right back in the fight by moving a nice big 9 inches and still being able to rapid fire your weapons typically without a hitch.
So the Boys in Blue have come storming back with a vengence and Big Papa Smurf is leading them right into the frey.

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